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The Kensei is one of the best Paragon Paths for weapon users out there. So good indeed that it is rated sky blue not only at home, in the Fighter guide, but also in the guide for avengers and barbarians, and blue for clerics, paladins, rangers, rogues and wardens. It is a solid choice for primary and secondary strikers, and borderline overpowered.At the same time it is one of the most mind numbingly, utterly boring PPs.

What it does now


Action Point: Reroll instead of gaining an action extremely situational, mostly useless. Purple.
11: +1 to all weapon attacks, the main selling point, solid gold.
16: +4 to all weapon damage rolls, some PP have it higher, still sky blue.


Encounter: Plain boring, accurate but with the right feat support even some at-wills are better. It would not rate higher than black even among 7th level Fighter powers.
by the time the amount reduced becomes meaningful, the status effects are much more threatening. It also costs you the precious Immediate. It may not reach black on any level.
Daily: This has character, mobility, control, flavor, perfect blue for a strikery fighter. The power level I am aiming for.

What it should do

It seems to me based on the name and the Daily attack, that the Kensei intended to be a mobile, slightly monk-like striker. I will try to build it that way.


Action Point: When you spend an action point to take an extra action, you also gain a +4 bonus to damage rolls with weapon attacks until the start of your next turn. (Reusing the original 16th level feature)
11: You gain +1 bonus to weapon attacks against targets granting combat advantage to you. (Now it requires some effort to get the bonus)
16: Whenever you shift, you can shift 1 additional square. (A nice epic feat, not too powerful)


Distracting Strike                                         Kensei Attack 11 
You harass the enemy when your allie is just about to miss
Encounter        Martial, Weapon
Immediate Interrupt      Melee Weapon
Trigger: An enemy within reach is missed by an ally
Target: The triggering enemy
Attack: Strength vs. AC
Hit: 1[W]+Strength and the target grants combat advantage until
the end of its next turn.

(Bit Leadery, but it helps you as well)

Frightening Prowess                                   Kensei Utility 12 
Your attacks are your defense
Encounter        Martial
Minor Action      Personal
Effect: Until the end of your next turn, if you have combat
advantage, your attacks gain the rattling keyword.

Daily: unchanged


My goal was to create a Kensei that is a bit weaker and a bit more flexible and interesting.
Did I succeed?
Well it seems a Friday night is not the right time for answers. What about Tuesday morning?
...I now have no reason to even consider it.
There is no such thing as bad publicity
Eh.  I always preferred Swordmaster anyway. Tongue Out
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