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Concordance is something I've toyed with in the past, making it function as item level, and that has worked well thus far, and concordant items in my game world function as such. But this is a suggestion of one of my player's that I thought was worthy of developing.

Essentially, you would have concordance. As a Deity's Chosen, how well you follow the commands of that deity determines a concordance level associated with your character instead of an item; sort of like a karma system.

They begin at 5 with this concordance, and actions that please their deity raise this score, and of course the converse is true. As this score is raised, said character gains access to different benefits. The main mechanics that they gain access to would be the deity's blessing, and as the concordance advances access to different boons. In this way they're a chosen one of their god, sybolized by the ability to invoke their deity's power; not necesarily via an item.

Probably most appropriate for Paladins, Clerics, and Warlocks, and other characters that draw on Divine Power.
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There's no reason you can't spread the love across the board. Shamans and other primal characters can do the will of the world. A warlord with ties to royalty might also have one of these. In fact, Martial characters in general may have this as a sort of honor system, with higher providing benefit to some fighters and warlords, but lower to other types of fighters and rogues, making them seek to to be as honorable or underhanded as needed for the best benefit. To that same end, higher might not always be better for a character. Consider options to drive both good and evil acts, such as an dark, outside influence trying to offer reward for following their whims over the good ones, especially in vague alignment campaign settings such as Dark Sun and Eberron, or even in fantastic otherworldly locations like the Feywild, Shadowfell or Elemental Chaos.

Neat idea overall. I may play with it some myself to see how it works in my next campaign
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