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So, I've been snooping around other threads, and I'm really curious as to why the sealed swiss queues only take tickets to join. I remember not TOO long ago, you were able to use your winning packs to join. So, my question, was there ever a reason given why this option was taken away? It seems like the only people who benefit from this are wizards, since everyone has to keep going back and shelling out 24 tics for another sealed, because the packs we won could barely cover another buy in with a 3-1 record. IF we were able to still use our packs, it would help keep the pack prize stabilized instead of tanking and being worthless, and the player base overall would be alot happier. I just read a thread where someone bought a sealed event pack and COUDLN'T even use it to join a swiss sealed, I mean what type of terrible marketing is that? It just really doesn't make too much sense to me. It seems like they are slowly but surely finding every decent event they have and down grading them in some way.
I don't think there was ever an official explaination.  If there was, it was likely along the lines of "it makes it easier for players" or somesuch.

It's to benifit WotC

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Here's the thread from the wwk release events (first tix only sealed queues).

We got no response then and I don't remember any meaningful response on the issue at any other point (and its been over 2 years).   

I went from playing 15+ sealed queues pre-wwk to 0-2 since. The issue is even worse as the block goes on, as the 2nd set only nets 3 new packs and the 3rd set only 2. Paying 24 tix for 2 new packs is just an awful deal. 

I was hopeful things would change when the alternate payment methods were added in, but no such luck.

Found a partial response for the ROE release sealeds.
This might be a good question to pose to our community coordinator?

Thank you, Erik.
Eh, I'm sure he has already read this thread and they are choosing to ignore it instead of responding. As I said in a previous thread... making a thread of it's own for a topic is more likely to get a response then clumping a bunch of questions that half don't even get answered in a larger merged gets more recognition and more eyes to see it. Quite simply, in the thread regarding ROE and their reply to tics only, I'm hearing, "Well we are collecting and analzying data, so when we see just as many people still play paying tics and we make more money, we will keep it that way." From a business standpoint, fair. From a players standpoint, dumb. It is clear to see which one is valued higher.
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