Raise The Sheilds!?

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Ok im going to feel dumb if i over looked this but i cant seam to find sheilds for ships or people am i just over looking them or do these books realy have none?
Shields are in Future Tech, the splat book expansion for Future, page 41. 

"Shields provide a number of bonus Hit Dice (20 hit points per Hit Die) equal to one-fourth the starship's overall Hit Dice (rounded down, minimum of 1). A critical hit bypasses shields and deals damage directly to a starship's normal hit points."

There's shields based on the fields (magnetic and particle) that protect damage relating to particular damage types (magnetic for missiles and ballistic weapons, and particle for energy weapons) and a few other types.

Page 39-40 has a few actions that an Engineer on board a ship can do with shields (angle shields, reroute power to/from shields, restore shields) 
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