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This thread is to discuss the 2012 World Magic Cup, coming to you from Gen Con in Indianapolis. This three-day National Team event begins Friday, August 17 and concludes Sunday, August 19. The live video stream begins at 10:45 a.m. ET Friday -- visit the webcast page to find start times in your area.

Friday features three rounds of Magic 2013 Booster Draft and four rounds of Standard.
Saturday features three rounds of Team Sealed Deck and three rounds of Team Constructed (Standard, Modern, Innistrad/Avacyn Restored Block Constructed).
Sunday features the Top 8 National Teams battling in Team Constructed.
GO TEAM USA!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It would be really nice if, in the draft viewer, the players' final decks were available as well--not just what they picked, but how they assembled their deck.  The draft is only part of the picture, and they have to register their decks; it should be a fairly simple exercise to add their played list to the coverage.
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Even though I don't like WotC pushing limited so hard nowadays, I think it's interesting that they've made the world cup rather varied, and you can't just be good at one single format or bring one good deck and expect to take home the title.

The draft viewer also seems to indicate that some people are quite a bit out of their comfort zone in a limited environment. Laughing
I tried to send feedback to Rich and BDM about the coverage via the "feedback email thingie"-link provided in the video articles. However there was some error ("unknown author") and the service just didn't work. So what is the best way to send feedback?
After Stage 1 today, the standings included:

Philippines: 66 points (45 from Day 1, 21 from Day 2)
Finland: 66 points (39 from Day 1, 27 from Day 2)

On Day 1, the tiebreaker was the "dropped" score of the 4th team member, which would have favored Finland (9 points instead of 6).  But in this case, the Philippines got the 8th seed and Finland the 9th.  As it turned out, that seeding difference means the Philippines are playing on Sunday and Finland isn't. 

So what was the tiebreaker that seeded them ahead?


Hungary (78 total, 42 points day 1, 36 day 2, 15 seed going into Stage 2) was seeded ahead of Puerto Rico (78 total, 39 points day 1, 39 day 2, 13 seed going into Stage 2) after Stage 2, so the tiebreaker is not Day 1 performance or seeding entering the stage.
The Polish team has a great sense of humour Laughing:

What would winning the first World Magic Cup mean to you and your country?

"For me, it will just be a memory, for Poland, economic growth."

"For me it would just be another great success. However our prizes would double Polish GDP."

"Winning the first World Magic Cup would be the greatest moment in Polish history. Following this event, the position of Poland as an economic superpower would be established."
I am distressed that Wizards of the Coast found it necessary to pander to the whims of a dictatorship, and avoid referring to the home country of the winning team by its proper name, the Republic of China, or even its informal name of Taiwan.

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Yeah, seriously - it's one thing to hear that committee-created-name from the commissars of the International Olympic Committee, but WoTC really shouldn't go the same route.
The "Taiwan" vs. "Chinese Taipei" debate is raging on the Magic Facebook page. I don't agree with the whole "Chinese Taipei" thing myself, but considering that Wizards is owned by Hasbro, which has the vast majority of their products manufactured in China, it's not the kind of thing that they'd want to take sides in. Sure, Hasbro could show some political initiative, and it's not exactly like China is going to just sever ties with them as a result, but in this current economic climate (and considering that it's not just their money that's at stake here), it's not exactly the smartest business move.
Chinese Taipei? Really? The Chinese threatened to boycott the World Magic Cup? This is demeaning and pointless, to boot. And I don't buy for a second that Wizards' manufacturers would stop working with the company if they used Taiwan. Plenty of stuff that says "Taiwan" on it is manufactured in China.

How is this World Cup, when United States gets to have TWO teams?  Come on, PR is a colony of United States, not a real country, not recognized by United Nation.

Chinese Taipei doens't even exist.  Chinese Taipei is the result of suppression from China, to turn Taiwan into a rogue state, forces Taiwanese to sign international treaty to only allow themselves to use that title and that non-existing national flag.  

Hasbro would at least mention Taiwan in its cast, or put Taiwan somewhere, to show some respect.  How lame can this company be? 
Not to be rude or anything, but the whole thing was not very exciting. There were lots of matches I wanted to watch that were not recorded. The commentators really were not good. They didnt really comment too much on what was going on in the games that were being shown, and kept going on about new cards and interactions. Meanwhile something happens on the table and I want to know what. Get better commentators and record other games, at least for replay. Also, make sure the video feed is solid and secure, it was constantly glitching on me. About every minute or so it would go dead for about 10 seconds

I've really enjoyed all the coverage this year, and this event was no exception.  (Even though I usually tune out during Limited.) And the national team dynamic is pretty cool so I'm glad the World Cup was made.

However, you do get all these issues with representation.  There's emergent political issues (like Taiwan), and then there's questions of what's distinct enough.  And then there's the simple fact that representation is odd: the US with it's large number of Magic players feeds the same size team as a much smaller country.  That means:

A) It's much harder for an American to qualify
B) The American team is likely to be among the strongest because of the larger talent pool.

Of course that's not unique to the US, just an example of lots of players for few slots.  And maybe it's not even bad, but it shouldn't be overlooked, either.  

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Politics aside, I think the biggest fail of the tournament was how stupidly boring Block Constructed matches were.


192884403 wrote:
surely one can't say complex conditional passive language is bad grammar ?

I really like that WOTC has been streaming these events.

I would love to see additional streams so you could pick a different match (even with-out commentary or maybe cover the match that the text guy is covering.

On SCG they immediately start replaying games once their coverage is over so you can re-watch or watch for the first time if you missed the initial broadcast. It would be great if you could do that as well.

Please keep Marshal & Zac those guys do a great job!



I will add that I understand that the options of private companies are limited in dealing with governments. Rather than criticizing Hasbro or WotC, or engaging in a political discussion, I simply expressed my personal annoyance and frustration on this issue.

Coming up with weird ideas to make everyone happy since 2008!


I have now started a blog as an appropriate place to put my crazy ideas.

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