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I have a Level 3 Drow Executioner I have a std at will attack called poisonous shuriken that allows me to target 1,2 or 3 creatures at range 10 I can also deliver an assassins poison with this attack, however one of my poisons is ungol dust and it say's it is a ranged 5 when using poison does it have a reduced range other than what my weapon used for delivery has?
Poisonous Shuriken:

Special: If you deliver an assassin poison with this attack, it applies to each target hit by this attack, even if the poison would normally be applied to only a single piece of ammunition.

However, you can NOT apply Ungol Dust to a weapon or piece of ammo.  Same with Id Moss Powder.  If the poison says you can apply it to a weapon or ammo, then you can use it with Poison Shuriken and Poison Shuriken lets you apply the poison's effect on up to 3 targets, even if the poison limits itself to one.  

Thank you, My son noticed this yesterday when I used poisonous shuriken with poison the amount of damage it dealt was enormous and seemed unbalanced, I have to say it would be nice to be able to combine the effects though.

Our DM at encounters has let me combine the effects on several occassions, I will make sure to use it by itself next time.

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