Waves of Destiny - A Sea Campaign

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Hi all,
I'd like to share my system for a new campaign I'm creating with you.
Short plot overview 
The setting is a map that features cities from different settings and locations - after the spellplague not only Toril and Abir shifted, but whole worlds collided. The immediate aftermath has settled, and Lords and Ladies of which managed to settle the stablility of their home continent start thinking about expanding and conquering realms over the seas.

Danger awaits in the form of an alliance of 4 Demons (Phraxas, Turaglas, Pazuzu and Kostchtchie), which want to strengthen their cults and claim outposts in the world of men to reach for the souls of the unwary.

The heroes are of the spellscarred called "undying" - men and women who cannot die and reawake at a specific binding point after their death. Tlapok Schritt - a gnome and scholar who found a small fortune with the help of avandra founded the Adventurers Society to secretly search for those "undying" under the cloak of exploration, to provide them with all help he can give them, for what the destined adventurers don't know is, that each of their forceful deaths leaves a soul larva behind, to be consumed by the ravaging demon that slew them...
The game parts
"Classic"  D&D when the whole party is present (3 Players)

Dungeon Delves
with designated "henchmen" when not everyone can be around - those delves will have miniature combat as focus with less roleplay and will be timed - therefore characters can earn "Summons" to skip a non-boss fight in the online part of the campaign - see below

Online Part: I created a personal website (HTML5/Javascript/PHP) on which the characters can sail the seas to buy and sell tradegoods and get some extras - the screenshots can be found under: sdrv.ms/PHfwI9
The characters will be provided with a specific amount of movement each day so they can stay hooked with the campaign while we have a downtime.

Online part: random magic items: Weapons, Armors and Afixes can be bought in the cities which will give the character a random item of the type (see screenshot) - no more than 5 of each type can be held at a time - and a character can "cash in" a fitting combination (for example: "Magic Weapon +1 Longsword")

Online part dice games: Certain cities allow "gambling" - where characters can buy a voucher for a specific wage for a random dice game which was presented in Dragon (Goblin Army, Red Rogue, Dragons Hoard)
This dice game can be played with whom they like and they can cash in any amount they won (but not more than double the nominal value) if they had the luck to do so.    

Online part treasure maps: (not yet implemented), can be bought in Skullport and will choose a random field on the map which can be sailed that is not a city - when the ship is on said hex the character can print a voucher which he can bring to a skirmish session along with an old D&D Booster - the combat follows certain rules for ensuring it is doable and nets gold and magic items  

Ship Combat: Will use the old Games Workshop "ManOWar" game. I'll play the opponents myself and have 1 or 2 friends which will also hold "Sea Skirmishes". Characters winning in these skirmishes will receive "Battle Honours" (see screenshot of the online part top) - which they can cash in at certain events (random while sailing the map) to gain gold and magic items.  

Well that's it for now - if you have questions or comments I'll be happy to answer/read them, I only gave a quick glance on every part to prevent a huge wall of text.

We are wolves of the sea!