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I was a big fan of those Digest Essentials books. Will WotC consider using that format when the new rules get published?

And will there be E-reader versions of the games (or at least PDF versions)? The digest book format would fit e-readers perfectly (I have a nexus 7 and I totally wish I could have my books on it).
I liked the Digest Sized books but I don't see WotC continuing to use them. I mean outside of the core essentials line, they went back to normal sized books. That to me says it is unpopular.

Having said that, if WotC wants to make PDFs then I think they should format all books to be digest sized so the books are easily legible on tablets/e-readers.
Good point about them switching back. I had wondered that when I got the "Threats of the Nentir Vale." Too bad, really.

And I wanted to mention also to PLEEEEAASE come up with the D&D Insider tools for apps (especially for Android).
..."window.parent.tinyMCE.get('post_content').onLoad.dispatch();" contenteditable="true" />And I wanted to mention also to PLEEEEAASE come up with the D&D Insider tools for apps (especially for Android).


I love digest sized books, going back to my little tan OD&D books from the 1970's. The problem will come down to the thickness of the rulebooks. The thicker the rules (e.g. the more rules there are) the more I'd rather have larger page sizes and fewer pages.

If we can keep the core rules streamlined, maybe they would fit nice in a digest format. (Fingers crossed!)

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While I support digest-sized books for E-readers, there's a large issue with the digest-size books, and one I've both experienced and heard about again and again.  Specifically, you can't just lay them out open in front of you.  Now, that's probably not an issue with reading through them, but it is an issue when you're creating a character, or need to keep a certain page open.  The hardcovers don't have the price of a digest book, to be honest, but considering that if this were to become the standard, there's nothing stopping WtC from removing that advantage.

Really, the digest size is good for travel and a decent price, but outside of resizing the pages for an ebook version, there just isn't any reason to make them the standard.