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I'm fairly new to Magic, rather, I haven't played heavily in years.  I just put together a Black/White Exalted deck with the help of a few friends and I'm interested to see how I could improve it.  

 LAND - 24
2x Cathedral of War
1x Evolving Wilds
12x Swamp
9x Plains

3x Tormented Soul
3x Duty-Bound Dead
3x Aven Squire
3x Knight of Infamy
3x Knight of Glory
4x Vampire Nighthawk
1x Guardians of Akrasa
2x Nefarox, Overlord of Grixis
1x Mikaeus, the Unhallowed

4x Murder
1x Safe Passage

3x Oblivion Ring
2x Angelic Benediction

1x Mask of Avacyn

2x Duress

Like I said, I'm fairly new to this and I'm seeing some flaws even just writing it out (lots of 1x cards, which I know is frowned upon, I just don't know which I should ditch and what to replace them with).  Any help is very much needed and appreciated!

Drop Duress, Mask of Avacyn, and Mikaeus.  Exalted decks are going to win on their speed alone, so toss in another ob ring and one or two Pacifisms.  Of course, look everywhere to trade for Sublime Archangel
This is an expanded version of what I drafted at the last tournament, it worked so well I'm really looking forward to making a standard legal deck similar to this one. When I was playing I found that removal was super important erase saved my butt a few times and lifelink was also helped a lot like the ajani's sunstriker I grabbed. Stuff like ring of xathrid helped on occasion to buff your unblockable tormented soul
I would lose:

Guardians of Akrasa
Angelic Benediction
Mask of Avacyn

You want a 4th of your knights and aven squire. 
It looks like you are playing with only M13, so I'll try to keep to that.

Things to consider:
Safe Passage - Saves you from blowouts with red mass removal ala Bonfire of the Damned, Blasphemous Act, etc. Also lets you block a giant attack and live through it. Your biggest weakness is how puny exalted guys are when they aren't attacking. It's very easy to have your army whittled away.
Crusader of Odric - Great exalted attacker.
Disciple of Bolas - Probably only want 2, but it can let you eat a guy after attacking with exalted to gain LOTS of life and draw a boatload of cards. Helps find answers and gives you some breathing room.
Crippling Blight - 1 cheaper than Pacifism, and accomplishes the only thing you care about. You don't want your attacker being chumped each turn.
Cower in Fear - If you play vs. token decks, this brutalizes them.

Hope that helps! 
Honestly, Nepharox and Mikaeus do more harm to your draw than they are worth, and if you want to play a big dumb "first main, play this, combat, win" you might as well just play True Conviction.  The key to making the most of exalted though is the just use a few good exalted cards in a deck that normally attacks with a single evasive creature at a time, but doesn't fully commit to absolutely need to always attack with a single creature at a time. You can't rely on a combat mechanic like Exalted to carry the game for you, so it's best to just set your deck up to use small creatures, multiplying creatures and big spells that stop your opponent from crushing you, or push you ahead enough to outright win.
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All of this information is exactly what I was looking for and enormously helpful.  Thank you!  I'll post an edited version of the deck as soon as I get a chance and see what improvements could be made then.  I still need to find a few of those Sublime Archangels.
I have been considering running a Token Exalted B/W Deck but if I get chump blocked all day then the exalted does me no good. What are your thoughts on splashing green for Rancor, since that would give my guy trample?
Tormented Soul, Vampire Nighthawk, and other lifelink creatures will make their chump blockers irrelevant.

If you're focused on trample I'd put in Ring of Kalonia rather than splash Green. 
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