Token rally

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15 plains
2 blackcleave cliffs
2 mountain
1 swamp
4 shimmering grotto

4 gut shot
4 intangible virtue
4 honor of the pure
4 gather the townsfolk
4 attended knight
4 lingering souls
4 midnight haunting
4 rally the peasants
4 elspeth tirel

I prefer Blade Splicer better than Attended Knight

4 Elspeth is too many...How about Restoration Angel or Hero of Bladehold

How about Isolated Chapel than Shimmering Grotto?

How Gut Shot working for you? Oblivion Ring? Go for the Throat? Day of Judgment?

Here is my list to run

4 x Doomed Traveler
4 x Blood Artist
3 x Hellrider

4 x Krenko's Command
4 x Gather the Townsfolk
4 x Lingering Souls
4 x Midnight Haunting

2 x Rally the Peasants
4 x Intangible Virtue
3 x Day of Judgment

4 x Clifftop Retreat
4 x Isolated Chapel
4 x Blackcleave Cliffs
10 x Plains
2 x Mountain

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