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My addiction to junk Red rares continues.  This year's addiction: Worldfire.

I was thinking the other day and an idea hit me -- it would theoretically be possible to win the game through the power of Worldfire, if it was combined with either Thragtusk or Doomed Traveler.  I was trying to come up with how to do this in Extended, and my buddy who's WAY better at this game than me said 'Why not Thragtusk?'  I would obviously also need Gilded Lotus for acceleration, as well as Oblivion Ring to possibly also produce a win condition (o-ring a Stromkirk Noble, he pops back into play after the nuke).

Could this work?  Am I drunk?  What do you think?  What's the gold standard for mana accel in red/green/white these days?  This is a deck idea hinging on a 9-cost sorcery, I needs me some ramp since I see most games as being over the turn after a Titan hits the table. 
I think it sounds like a solid deck plan. You could do a G/R deck and use things like Strangleroot Geist and various Goblins with haste. Then after using Oblivion Ring to remove your monster pop the field and you get a creature with haste that can finish it off that turn with no chance for a response while your monster sits idle with Summoning Sickness. You could really use the Green and toss in Birthing Pod it would flow smoothily with the Geist and Young Wolf Then you would also have Viridian Emissary and Birds of Paradise to accelerate your mana base. Solemn Simulacrum sounds like he would fit nicely aswell. Just find a good rank 3 to use with Pod.
Worldfire doesn't combo with Doomed Traveller (because it Exiles). Thragtusk and Oblivion Ring on your own creature works.
If you O-ring a Blisterstick Shaman it comes back and you win. Another possible target to maybe have as a 1-of, since I don't think there are many haste goblins.
Counterlash or Arcane Melee could help with the steep cost...
The second you worldfire your own creature people will get suspicious. It might work for one game but its a rather big wincon thats easy to counter. If you are playing any kind of blue deck a single negate ruins your plan. Not only do you have to last until turn 5-6 you have to draw it as well. What other cards would you run to be able to draw it? Then you have to setup the wincon or the opponent has the advantage. So you need a thragtusk on the field or a oblivion ring and another creature. Then you have to live until X turn to play it. Then you need to play it without it getting countered. Seems too many ifs to be realistic.
So... some type of RUG ramp deck with thragtusk and spelltwine (use cards like merfolk looter, forbidden alchemy, and faithless looting to get in worldfire in the graveyard)

spelltwine + burn spell (gut shot) in your opponents grave is a good win. Even spelltwine + opponents ponder or opponents rampant growth is likely enough to get there.

I know its not competitive, but this is a worldfire deck, and if your plan is to get epic wins and troll a delver player then... spelltwine just might be your card.

Manabase is a bit of a mess, I'll have to think more on it.

Lines of play:
turn 1: mana guy
turn 2: rampant growth + mana guy
turn 3: lotus + oblivion ring (exiling mana guy)
turn 4: worldfire. win

or just play out some mana guys. They get gut shoted. Sneak in a looter and discard worldfire. Spelltwine. win

Its a casual deck, but I think you can certainly win a game or two with it. Even if you only beat delver 1 in 10 with the spelltwine combo, itll be worth it right? ;)

Probably should include faithless looting to discard excess worldfires and get rid of spelltwine in matches where its useless

Oblivion Ring Manabarbs and Personal Sanctuary then worldfire. Laugh as your opponent can't tap for mana.


You can run Oblivion Ring and Fiend Hunter. Stuffy Doll would be fun to oring or hunter away. Then as long as your opponent doesn't draw into a land and a gut shot, you're good.

Thie biggest problem I see with this is the 3 colors. You want triple red, but have to be heavy on green to ramp. You can fetch out basics pretty easily, but if you stuff your deck with duals, it's going to rely on chance a lot to draw into the duals you need while fetching out basics for the ramp.

Maybe run a few Primeval Titans for extra ramp plus an alternate win condition. You can also run Inferno Titan so you can oring him too so when worldfire resolves, he'll come back in and shoot for the win. 
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Thie biggest problem I see with this is the 3 colors. You want triple red, but have to be heavy on green to ramp? 

gIlded lotus
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