My new campaign setting

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I have a new campaign setting in the works, and I'd love to upload it to these forums so others could use the setting if they wished.
I am not complete with it yet, but I just want to throw out my ideas that I am putting into the setting in general.
If you have any ideas, or if you want to scold me or yell at me because I don't have my notes, feel free to post (Note that I'll put what I have on my notes on a later date):

- The planes of existance revolve around each other (like planets do), but are hard to read thier movements.
    EXAMPLE: In one era, the Prime Material Plane is in close proximity to the Shadowfell, but in another, the same plane is adjacent to the Astral Sea. There are only estimates by mortal scholars as to the movement of the planes.

- The world is in constant war, leaving very few places as "Peace Zones". This means that there are nearly no real alliances between the races, and they'll always find a way to hate each other.

- The Gods are known, but unknown. Little is known about the god and his/her motives.

- There are seven types of humans (one for each ability score, and one extra for not giving a general crap).

I'll take any suggestions and critisisms, I just need to put my notes onto this post.
I already have a world map and allowable races (All, but must have a reason to adventure).
There will be upcoming posts about the setting later.

EDIT: The differing types of humanity do have differing looks. Like one type has white-blue skin, as well as white eyes and hair.
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