Who plays paper pauper and what are your house rules?

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I love the format lots of fun stuff been playing it for a while now and I am just wandering what are some of your house rules for banned cards and such?
I miss the old days.
I really love Pauper too, I don't play MTGO so it is a paper format for me. I have a B/G Infect deck and though not many of my friends have all common decks, I will happily play it against any deck anyone has. I was going to organise a little Tournie for it, with the Wizards ban-list, Cranial Plating and Frantic Search, Not enough people build a deck though..
I play on MTGO and they have a banned list. So far only Cranial Plating and Frantic Search are banned.

With paper there are some cards that are not online and there are cards printed online at different rarities than for paper. For example Sinkhole is a common in paper.
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When I play pauper in real life I still go by MTGO printed commons. If you didn't you'd probably end up needing to create your own banlist.
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