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1.) if Drizzt draws the Item (forget the name maybe the bracers of blinding speed?) that states- if your character uses an at-will power you can make another attack, does this allow him to make up to 3 attacks in 1 turn? (that seems rediculous!

2.) For Allies, it says they move at the begining of the 3rd stage in the round. so do they move even before the encounter happens? So it would go:

-Ally move
-Encounter (if one is to be drawn that turn)
-Enemy movement

3.) And does the ally only move on the Hero's turn who 'ownes' it... so For Gwen, would he only move on Drizzit's turn, not other Hero's turns?
3A.) If that is so, what if you draw the encounter card to pick an ally, do you essential pick a hero to give the ally to?
1. You are correct!
2. In the Encounter phase, you draw and resolve an Encounter card before anything else. Then, Villians activate. Then, normal monsters activate. What's strange about Allies is that they activate when Villains do. I've always played it that if you have both an Ally and a Villain to activate, you can choose which one goes first, just like with your monsters.
3. You are correct!
3A. A little bit of both. The new Dungeon Command Allies are drawn via Encounter cards, but Guenhwyvar is a special power Drizzt starts the game with. You could also start the game with Allies to customize a scenario, which I intend to do with some of the tougher Castle Ravenloft missions!
About 1: As I asked here (community.wizards.com/go/thread/view/758...)_Passing_of_Feral_troll_and_Dinin_Do_Urdern._2)_Cards_clarifications.&post_num=1#522502063), using this item with Last blood enables Drizz to attack 4 times in a round!
Ok, Thanks for responding to my questions. Its good to get a second opionion. Now 2 more questions i have stumbled upon.

4.)When Bruenor BattleHammer Levels up. It says he gets an extra fighter daily power? Is this a mistake? When i looked through my character cards, i saw NO fighter daily powers?

5.) Regis' "special ability" where he looks at the monster deck to see what monsters are next, can he only do that on his characters turn.. or can he do that on anyone's villain turn? The character card just says once a villian turn... so it almost sounds like he could do it on every Villian turn, but that is not how i have been playing it.
For your Bruenor question... you are not crazy. He only cimes with Utilities, so its a bit of a misprint. Pick a utility. If you have any ither D&D Adventure System games, you could puck a Dwarf Daily supplied there... but I'd go with a Bruenor Utility.

As for regis... I'll look into it.
Bruenor's also eligible to take the Fighter dailies from other Adventure system board games.  If I recall correctly (since it's been so long since I've played one), that would be Ravenloft.
Thanks for the replies.

Since things were a bit slow over here i took it over to the board game geek forum and was told:

For Bruenor's level up you can add 3 more Power attack tokens to your card (hints why the box comes with 6). This was Peter Lee's (the designer) response to Bruenor's level up. So i will probably stick with that.

 And for the Regis question.. his power should be activated during the 'exploration' phase, not 'villian' phase. And it is only on his exploration phase.
I've just got my first D&D board game for my birthday and I stumbled on the Bruenor question right away. It's good to know what the designers thought was on this matter. Thanks for posting the solutions
I've just got my first D&D board game for my birthday and I stumbled on the Bruenor question right away. It's good to know what the designers thought was on this matter. Thanks for posting the solutions

Well let me be the first to welcome you to the forums. Hope you are enjoing the LOD (Ledgend of Drizzt) game as much as I am. I havn't played in over a week, but the past few days i have started to attempt to paint some of the figures. We will see how that goes! 

Here's a question that came up during one of our games, regarding the Methil El-Viddenvelp villain.


Tactic #2 says: If Methil is on a tile with a Monster, that Monster activates. 


So if during a particular player's villain phase, Methil activates a monster controlled by that player, our interpretation says that that monster activates twice in that villain phase. Once when Methil activates the monster in Step 2 of the villain phase and again in Step 3 of the villain phase.


It was particularly devastating since there were 2 Water Elementals that got activated by Methil. So by this logic, both water elementals were activated by Methil then the player's Water Elemental activated again and also triggered the second Water Elemental as well.


Ouch time!


Does this seem right? 



I am playing Legend of Drizzt. The rules don't specify so much on ally cards. What happens when Guenhwyvar, used as a power,  dies? What happens when an ally dies without healing surges? (are they even affected by healing surges? they don't have surge values!)