How do I cycle on the Xbox? - Ex: Gempalm Incinerator

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I havent been able to figure out how to cycle Gempalm Incinerator on the Xbox.  At what point do I apply the ability?  I can't seem to activate the ability while its in my hand, and when I play it, I dont have the option to cycle it.  Once its on the battle field, I can't cycle it.

Is this another card that is broken on the xBox? 

If not, what buttons on the controller do I use to activate, and at when, in my hand?

to cycle on the box you have to move the left stick down until it lights up. 
you also have to have the mana to cycle. 
Nice, cause I'm fairly certian it says something like "Press A to activate ability"

So is that a depression of the L stick, or moving it down to the 6'oclock position.  (obviously I'm not infront of my console to test it) 
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