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So if I have Melira, a creature with persist, and a sac engine in play and my opponent plays a spell to kill my sac engine.
Can I in response sac my persist guy infinitly? 
as long as whatever is trying to kill your sac engine doesn't have split second, yes
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Yes. Melira prevents the -1/-1 counter from being on a permanent as it enters the battlefield, so you can repeatedly use your sacrifice-engine. You can NOT use it infinitely, however, because infinity doesn't exist in Magic. You can, however, simply choose an arbitrarily high number of times to use it.

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Wouldn't it also depend on when the sac engine is being destroyed, like after the persist ability hits the stack, but before it resolves?  In that case, wouldn't the sac engine be destroyed before the persist ability resolves and the creature returns, thus, no more sac engine, stoping the arbitrarily high amount of sacrifices unless there is another persist creature in play.
yes, that is also a way to stop this combo
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