What maps are reprinted in the Vault of the Underdark?

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Anyone know where I can find out which out-of-print maps will be seeing the light of day again in the Vaults of the Underdark map pack?

I know there was a preview and mention of the 2 new maps, but the product page seems frustratingly non-specific on which reprints I'll get if I order it.
Mystery solved.... and a big thanks to Sly Flourish, whose map gallery helped me identify the reprinted maps.

They are:
- Dwarven Outpost (originally from the DDM 2008 Starter Set),
- Drow Caverns (originally from Demon Queen's Enclave),
- Drow Outpost (originally from Dragon magazine and the Night Below checklist poster), and
- Mithral Mines (originally from Fane of the Drow).

Also I noted the new Dwarven Fortress map joins up with the Dwarven Outpost map on one edge to make one really big map. Handy.
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