House ruled class question (Spellthief)

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I found this random PDF:

Which is obviously the works or start of making a Spellthief class in the game.  Point of fact; it doesn't even seem that bad or poorly written.  I've yet to go through and check balancing issues, but, it mostly seems ok from the quick glance that I had. I think the only thing overtly concerning was the feat given for str to dex at level 1 (weapon finesse.)  

I think I'd throw in penalties to the creature that has its charge stolen.  Or for failures on theft.  

I say creature because I think it'd be cool to see a spellthief steal from an ally in order to get a charge provided there was a convention to do so. This could also lead to feats for prestige level that convert spell thieving to to a spell unity or meld, granting both characters a bonus of some sort. 

It looks as if the "thieving" isn't the taking of actual spells, but, of magic charges that exist around creatures and humanoids who are magically inclined.  

What are your thoughts? Is this something that could be house ruled and further built into a character?