House Ruling Draconic Challenge with Dragonfear instead of Dragon's breath for Dragonborn question

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Me and my Dm currently are in talks about letting house rule the Draconic Challenge feat with my dragon fear.  For big RP and backstory reasons I wanted to stick with the dragonfear for my dragonborn paladin but so many feats and talents give good synergy to your DS ability when you apply it and I’m basing a lot of my powers and feats around punishment stacking with DS.

He's not against it but we both don’t want to turn dragonfear into something TO GOOD.  So I’m asking for opinions on the matter and what you might think would be a good way to keep the power in line.

THe DM was thinking I could just overlap the whole thing but I counter that a burst 5 is a far wider range then a blast 3 on the breath.  My suggestion was making it a burst 2 or burst 3 effect when I activate the power to apply DS to any within range which seems more in line with what other feats can do or manage for there cost.

To put it in perspective with the other feats I’ve taken so far, I have taken World Serpents Grasp, Bitter Challenge and Commanding Vow.

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I personally don't see a problem with it. Truth be told, there's a lot more utility options for Breath than Fear, so one could argue that Breath has the advantage as far as being "too good". I'd just go ahead and allow it myself.
eh he wanted to just allow it with the power as is but a burst 5  Ds feat vs a blast 3 Ds feat seems a little tooo good IMO so i was trying to be fair lol
Well, a fighter marks everything with Dragon Fear already, so I dont see anything wrong with a feat to add DS to it.

You also with a feat make dragon breath a burst 2 in 10 squares. So the area coverage isnt much of an issue.
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