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I found this random PDF: www.scribd.com/doc/60156338/Spell-Thief-...

Which is obviously the works or start of making a Spellthief class in the game.  Point of fact; it doesn't even seem that bad or poorly written.  I've yet to go through and check balancing issues, but, it mostly seems ok from the quick glance that I had. I think I'd even throw in penalties to the creature that has its charge stolen.  

I say creature because I think it'd be cool to see a spellthief steal from an ally in order to get a charge provided there was a convention to do so. This could also lead to feats for prestige level that convert spell thieving to to a spell unity or meld, granting both characters a bonus of some sort. 

It looks as if the "thieving" isn't the taking of actual spells, but, of magic charges that exist around creatures and humanoids who are magically inclined.  

What are your thoughts? Is this something that could be house ruled and further built into a character?  
A quick look tells me that this is a nova king at first level.  Without pushing that hard I can nova for 30 points of damage at first level, and that isn't using an action point, or the minor action.  This puts it into the top three for current DPR kings.  

The energy burst, which is it's encounter power gets not only a die bonus, but the prime stat of the class as well.  That means that it will get double to double dip on static damage when it gets used.  The spell like kickers are all free actions, so you can add the control of your choice including dazed, and blinded once every third round.

So this character gets to have hard control, massive nova ability, and if you can keep CA massive DPR.  It is pretty broken

Im not sure where you get this DPR topping 1st level-thing. It seems to lack normal at-will, encounter, and daily powers from what I can tell, and Energy Burst at level one is only +5 damage at most, compared to the 1d12(average of +6.5) the Slayer could be doing. The slayer also gets his stance buffs while the spellthief seems to lack any sort of at-will ability. Scaling on it might be an issue, but it merely has to resemble something more like powerstrike or smite to do so. It should also probably use Charisma instead of Dexterity.

I dont see how DPR-wise it is any better than a thief. 

Arcane Charges/Surges and such aren't a bad idea, but definitely needs some work. The utility ones would be better off as utilities, and the offensive ones are better off being ways to replace/lower the damage of energy burst to apply their effect. Effectively giving up some striker to be a controller.

I don't particularly see the harm in daze every 3 rounds, considering a Cavalier's smite dazes too, as does a Skald's level 1 enounter power. Both of which are free-actions. Heck a cavalier at level 13 can daze 3 rounds in a row.
You are correct about energy burst getting only dex mod at first level, I was looking at the level 7 version.  I'm able to get the build up to the mid 20's for damage, which is almost a kill a round.  I've seen the theif in the top 5 for damage per round, so yes it is only a little better.  Slightly better meaning that it is nearly twice as capable as other strikers at this level.

The big problem I have with the control is that it doesn't have a cost.  This character can sit and lock down a elite while the party deals with the rest of the encounter, then switch to damage and keep up with the guys that are damage focused.   I'd have no problem with the class being able to do both, but one build should have to choose which one they can do.  Making the choice between CA dice, and extra arcane surges a permenent one would make this much less of a problem.  

The problem is that the spelltheif never runs out of arcane surges if he doesn't want to.  Cavalier's smite may daze, but he gets 3 uses, the skald gets one use.  This guy can daze level 1, and then do it again every third round.  At level 11 he can do it 9 times in a row, and then every other round.  That doesn't include his option to make that daze a save ends.  
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