Executioner of Undeath and Brutal 2

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Can someone tell me how these two properties interact?

On a 3W weapon swing, do I resolve all of the Brutal rolls first, then chose to reroll any additional dice based on the EoU feat?

What happens if I then get a 1 or a 2 on the EoU reroll?  I asume I keep that result, regardless of the brutal property? 
If the brutal is the property of the weapon, then any roll you make with that weapon is effected by brutal. So I believe you would resolve the brutals first. Then if you get to reroll, the brutal property will also apply to the reroll if it is rerolling the attack with a brutal weapon.

EoU says you must use the second result, but the second result is whatever you roll including brutals (so if you roll 1, brutal kicks in, then you roll 3, so the second result is now 3, as the 1 is as if it never existed).
Rerolled damage utilizes brutal fully for both rolls. 
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