Vintage Voltaic Key & Sol Ring

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Sorry about being in the wrong forum. But the Vintage one is dead, see the last post dates.

I had this idea for a Vintage deck. It's more an excersise in deck design than a deck I'm likely to build soon.

See the notes in the link above for how the deck works.

I need 3 card types in the deck in my opening hand. One I have 10 of, one 4 and one 7. I have 8 tutors. All of the tutors will work for all three groups as they are all Artifacts, and fetch the cards directly to my hand.

By changing the numbers of card sets in the deck I can adjust the tutor/Artifact ratio to find the best balance, because I can only have 4 Dark Rituals and the such I'd rather not spend mana tutoring too much, on the other hand the cards need to be there quickly and reliably, they can't be topdecked at random.

As shown above, 8 tutors, 21 Artifacts.

The range of possibilities I've been thinking of:


reread Voltaic Key
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97820278 wrote:
Ceci n'est pas une pipe.
This definitely doesn't mean what you think it means.
I was referring to the painting The Treachery of Images.
I know.
Ohh. The artifact needs to untap the key in the process, how did I not spot that.

I wouldn't mind working on this some more, but I'm not sure if adding another role would make it too difficult to pull off reliably, cause it to be clunky like many of the other combos.
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