Garrote silence effect on spellcasting?

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I've been looking at the assassin(Executioner) and I noticed the Garrote strangle power which enables you to grab an enemy. This special grab makes the enemy unable to speak.

Does the inability to speak have any effect on spellcasts in 4e?

No, verbal components are not part of 4e spellcasting.
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However discuss options with your DM. For instance if the DM stated that an enemy is chanting a ritual, it is fair enough that they would be unable to continue chanting :-)

Personally, when DMing, if your char got the drop on a spellcaster and started strangling him, I would probably have him unable to use certain spells until he escaped, just to reward your good play. However I would also ensure that he definatly used a teleport (if he had one) or some other easy means of escape to punish your poor research into your target (if you did none or rolled badly on your knowledge check)
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