Stealth: Reroll when moving from cover to cover?

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In the rules it says that stealth breaks only at the END of the action that would break it.

So when moving from one cover (through a few tiles where you have no cover) to another cover, does stealth break even though you end the move behind cover?

Do enemies see something moving between these, lets say, couches?

Actually, revising my original reply.

In a combat situation with alerted enemies and bright light, no, you would not remain hidden, as you will have given line of sight with no cover or concealment at some point during the move. You would also not be able to get behind cover and make another stealth check with that same action. You could transfer your standard action to another move to make another stealth check though, so 2 actions would allow you to do this. If the area was dim light (and the enemies have no special senses), then you would have concealment for the duration of the move so as long as you didn't move more than 2 squares, you would remain hidden with no additional check.

In a non combat situation when sneaking around unalerted enemies, this would really be up to the DM to play as he/she saw fit. Personally, I would probably allow you to remain hidden, even in bright light, as long as you made some other check (maybe perception) to have determined the patrol route and when the guards were looking in your direction. I would also possibly have the guards oppose you with active perception if they were looking your way but not really paying much attention (so they catch a glimpse of a shadow with their passive perception, then active is to see whethe they really considered it a threat to investigate). All this would be highly situational so i'd just wing it :-)
Remaining Hidden: The creature remains hidden as long as it meets these requirements.
Keep out of Sight: If the creature no longer has any cover or concealment from a target, it doesn’t remain hidden from the target. The creature doesn’t need superior cover, total concealment, or to stay outside line of sight, but it at least needs partial cover or partial concealment from a target to remain hidden. A hidden creature can’t use another creature as cover to remain hidden.
Keep Quiet: If the creature speaks louder than a whisper or otherwise draws attention to itself with a noise, it doesn’t remain hidden from any creature that can hear it.
Keep Still: If the creature moves more than 2 squares during an action, it must make a Stealth check to remain hidden, with a -5 penalty, or a -10 penalty if the creature runs. If any creature’s passive Perception beats the check result, it doesn’t remain hidden from that creature.
Don’t Attack: If the creature makes an attack, it doesn’t remain hidden.


You lose Hidden the moment you have no cover or concealment. You retrain the benefits of being Hidden till the end of that action, though. So if you charged out of cover (losing Hidden) you'd still have CA for the attack portion of the charge, because it is all one action.
You also cannot become hidden during an action which caused you to lose being hidden, so you don't get to make the check once you arrive at your destination.
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