Looking for Gamers D&D 3.5 or Pathfinder Game - Pinellas County Florida

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Looking for 2-4 new or seasoned gamers (male or female) to start a D&D 3.5 or Pathfinder game ASAP. If you are rusty, do not know the rules or have never played D&D, no worries, we will teach you. 

We have a good DM and would like to play 2-3 times per month (either Friday night, Saturday (day or night), Sunday (day/evening).

May be willing to host in the Dunedin area or travel as far as St. Pete's, Tampa or Tarpon Springs.

Must be reliable and able to tell time (this is important).

Must have some form of transportation or be able to get to and from each session on-time.

Non-Smokers preferred, but we can have smoke breaks if needed. No Chain Smokers.

Must be able to commit to playing for more than 1 session. 

We are easy to get along with, enthusiastic about D&D, trustworthy and are looking for the same in fellow gamers. 

If you are interested, email me at defendersofourland@gmail.com


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Maybe a little late on reply but I am starting up at Game On in Largo.  We are trying to draw more gamers and trying to build a stronger gaming community.  The game room is large enough to have multiple games running.  If you are still active, looking for a place to play, or looking for another game, you can find me there.

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