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Hi, Im an experienced player who wants to find a group in or near to Reading,I live in Newbury a town not far from Reading and I am willing to travel up to about 40 miles for a weekly session.

I would like to play V3.5 but will also play 2nd ed or red box (if anyone still plays it lol) or any other ruleset if it means finding a group. I have played since I was a boy, Im now 34 so would like to find a mature group who want to role play in the traditional way. I can also DM and Im willing to fill either role. 

I have a lot of ideas and experience to bring to a group but don't mind playing with at all, it is fun to teach people D&D and watch them grow into a great roleplayer.

Hope I hear back from someone soon and will be checking back regulary on this site for some time to come. I can make myself available most nights including weekends and even if you are a lone player like me please contact me as two voices are stronger than one and it will be easier to find a game plus we can meet up and start a few solo quests and make a few characters up

Thanks for reading and happy gaming. 

Any interest in 4e?

hey,surprised me that anyone even replied to this. I haven't played using 4e mainly because a lot of people have warned me off it. I'm not sure why people don't like it but I think it is because it has been simplified somewhat although I was told today that the combat system is smooth and quite satisfying. I amalso just about to start a online pathfinder game which will be my first time but have been told it is basically 3.5 with a few tweeks. To be honest I have wanted to get into a live game for so long that I am open to the idea of 4 and would be wiling to give it a go, I recently bought the PHB on amazon but haven't really read it after what my online friends said but why not try it. 

Are you local then?

having just read through your blogs I must sat 4e appeals to me less since the chance of death in D&D is one of the things that make it exciting to play, there is of course sometimes the chance of resurrection but the threat of death tends to make you play more carefully as you do not want to lose your  beloved character. Some of the things I hate most are powergamers and twinking as I think this ruins games, and the less chance of death there is in a game leads to a more gung ho style of play which sometimes can end up being a bit silly and lead to eye rolling moments. It sounds to me after reading your blogs that 4e promotes this style of play so it probaly isn't for me. All that stuff about healing surges and how difficult it is to kill a PC does not sound good and you didn't seem to like it either. I'm curious why you want to play this version if you don't really like it why not stick to your preferred versions? Let me know what you think and this doesn't mean I'm not up for trying it although if we both prefer the old style of play maybe we could get a more oldskool group together. 
hmm, interesting that the blogs come over that way, that I don't like 4e.  Don't me wrong I do, its just whilst they "fixed" a lot of problems in 4e from 3e - e.g. that game no longer breaks down around 12th level, wizards are no longer the only class worth playing at high level (though in 3.5 clerics also became a worthwhile class at high level, perhaps even more so that wizards), fighters and thieves are now worth playing past 8th level, skill challenges are an excellent addtion, the 4e game is brilliantly simple for DMs to prep, etc they also threw out some of the game play that I did enjoy.  Nevertheless, I would be really reluctant to go back to 3e or earlier versions as they all drove to me nuts (and to other game systems) eventually due to the inherent problems within each version (and I've sold all my v3.5 books!).

I too had reservations about the game play in 4e but I quickly realised that so long as the players are D&D players, then D&D remains D&D despite some changes in the system.  As usual, depending on your group the game play will vary - we've all met powergamers in every version we've played.  Personally I dislike this approach to the game but I've still have to suffer it sometimes playing in a group and as a DM.

Guess I haven't gotten around to blogging about the bits of 4e that I do like yet!  Still, you've at least given me a few ideas for future blogs!

If you're unconvinced by what you've read about 4e the only thing I can say is don't knock until you've tried it.  You might not like it; hopefully, you'll get a game with some good people and you won't really care.

If you are interested we are re-constituting our D&D game in autumn (end of September-ish) and there will be some openings around our table due to some changes in our current group.  We'll probably be playing in Abingdon (few miles up the A34 for you) or possibly in Oxford depending on how venue opportunities pan out.  Let me know if you fancy giving it a go.          

Hi I live in Tilehurst, Reading. Prefer 1st & 2nd edition D&D. Pretty old post but thought I'd add my name. My email is adrianwinston@yahoo.co.uk

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