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Don't knw if a thread like this exist or not so any ways since summer is almost over, so i'm like wtf why don't we have a little fun and build theme decks for casual play there're only a few rules to this theme deck you need a boss u need a boss or commander like in edh but u can have multiples of any other card as long as it fits the theme of the deck and your boss must have a lieutenant and there can be only 2 of them in the deck other than everthing else is like you find in modern or causal here's mine as a example. wanted to base it on holloween XD you can base it on summer spring or what ever holiday you feel like, so feel free to post you theme decks

1Balefire Dragon

2Charmbreaker Devils

2Heirs of Stromkirk
2Blood Seeker
2Reassembling Skeleton
2Reckless Waif
2Tormented Soul

2Cellar Door

2Curse of Bloodletting

2Chandra's Outrage
2Diabolic Tutor
2Traitorous Blood
2Night Terrors
2Taste of Blood
2Pillar of Flame

2 Evolving Wilds
11 Mountains
11 Swamps

looks pretty good, but i think you need to be more consistent with creature types. it looks you could go well with vampires, maybe with olivia voldaren and/or falkenrath aristocrat as lieutenant and boss.

Auto card is your friend. Lightning bolt. -->. [ c] lightning bolt [ / c]. --> lightning bolt or replace c with deck and lightning bolt with your decklist.

yeah would have loved an oliva but corrently broke and kinda wanted a menagerieof creatures in the deck to show the theme :D
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