The Citadel - A Megadungeon

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The Citadel is a 13 level Tower - maps need numbers as you use it for your adventure. Several hundred rooms and areas to explore.


The Citadel Megadungeon:

The Effects of Terror in the Citadel

Whenever PCs encounter something emotionally disturbing in The Citadel they will be required to make a charisma check. Failure causes a penalty of minus one on all rolls. Three failed charisma checks in a row will result in charisma reduced permanently by one point. Once Charisma reaches zero The PC will be emotionally destroyed.

1-The Doors of Terror


Players: The Citadel towers into the mist above you with windows on every floor except the lowest. At its base a fifteen feet wide staircase takes you up to two huge bronze doors engraved with weird and disturbing alien imagery.


Dungeon Master: The Great bronze Doors can only be opened by a combined strength of thirty-five or greater. They weigh fifty tons and can be removed by subjecting the pins that hold them to their hinges to one hundred hit points of damage each; the Pins have an armour class of two.


Mad Engravings

The doors are engraved with scenes of demonic horror that require all who look upon them to make a charisma check or be unnerved by what they have seen.


Snatcher in the Mist

After one turn outside the Bronze Doors roll one six-sided die to determine which snatcher carries off a random small sized character.


Table 1

Random Snatcher


Giant Roc









2 – The Inner Doors


Players; Beyond the now opened bronze doors are a set of iron reinforced wooden doors that have apparently been sealed shut with the corpse of a child or Halfling – the body is long dead – and nailed by two iron spikes each through the left and right of the rib cage – one into each wooden door. The only way to open the doors is to remove the crucified corpse.


Dungeon Master: The Corpse is a mechanical doll skinned in the flesh of some long forgotten victim and is some two feet tall.


Guardian Doll

AC: 6; HD: 3; MV: 120’ (40’); AT: 2 Claws and Bite or Weapon; DA: 1d3/1d3/1d4 or as weapon; NA: 0(1); SA: F3; ML: 12; TT: Its damaged Mechanisms are worth 1d100gp; INT: 10; AL: N; XP: 20


Concealed amongst The Rags worn by the Doll is a small, ten bolt spring loaded weapon similar to a hand crossbow (D: 1d3+1 R:5/10/15). The Doll Opens Fire once the PCs are inside the bronze doors.


The Iron Reinforced Wooden doors themselves require only a combined strength of thirty to force them open once the Crucified Doll is removed.

The Citadel Megadungeon:
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