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some questions about fume spitter...

1.  If I declare an attack with him and sacrifice him after my opponents declare their blockers?  If so, would the attack go through? 
2.  Can I declare a block with fume spitter, then sac him?  If so, would the block go through? 
1. If the Fume Spitter is not on the battlefield during the Combat Damage step, it will deal no combat damage.

2. Once a creature is blocked, it remains blocked even if the blocker is removed from the battlefield.
1. No. If you sacrifice him before damage is dealt, he won't deal damage.

2. Yes, the block sticks. A creature that's blocked remains blocked through the end of combat, even if all the creatures blocking it leave combat.
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for the 1st question: so it is ok to declare an attack with fume spitter, then choose to sac it after the opponents have declared blockers, right?
sure, you can sacrifice it at any time you have priority
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