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I could use some help with some low to mid OP tuning with a Gish build - 12th level is the goal.

What complicates this is that I play with a low-OP group and a fairly novice GM, so I need it to be pretty straightforward.

So are there any Gish builds out there that

  • Are not hybrids

  • Not reliant on stealth mechanics (invisibility is OK)

  • Do not use frostcheeze 

I've tried some of the following so far

Eladrin Scout MC Warlock (Ethereal Sidestep) with Feytouch PP  
Eladrin Tempest Fighter MC Warlock (Ethereal Sidestep) with Evermeet Warlock PP 
Dead Eladrin Hexblade MC Assassin with Shadow Dancer PP

I'm currently working on a Eldritch Strike Warlock that I wanted to use Feytouch PP with, but am now having trouble figuring out how to get combat advantage regularly.

I know this is basically a question on how to make suck builds suck less, but as compared to my group I am the token min/maxer.  I figure if I can keep the OP within these guidelines I will end with a build that is interesting and well synergized, but doesn't cause anyone to bleed out of their eyes when I share it.

Any help is appreciated. 
Play optimal gish build.
Do not play optimal gish build optimally.
Unless things go very wrong, in which case: be a hero, save party.
Party will become less resentful of optimizing.
DM will be happy he didn't accidentally TPK low-op party.

Wins all around, really.
But will I be strong enough to resist the temptation of so...much...power?!

So Tempting
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