Monster Manual Premium Reprint - Blink Dog Upgrade

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Huzzah for the lowly blink dog - with the 1st Edition Premium Reprint of the Monster Manual, this creature now has a whopping 7 attacks per round!  Nice upgrade Wizards!  Laughing
Is that different than the AD&D MM released in the 80's?
My copy of the physical book is in storage and is a lot later a printing anyway, but the PDF I bought back when it was still for sale on DriveThruRPG/RPGNow says it has just 1 attack. It's a scan of the 4th printing, so it's possible that an earlier version had 7 attacks though.
First thing for people working on providing new features should remember: People hate change for the sake of change. They usually don't mind genuine improvements, but change just because it's change and therefore cool tends to get hackles raised. Second thing for people working on providing new 'improved' features should remember: It shouldn't be hard for users to figure out how to turn them off if they don't like them. Just because the programmer thinks he's had a great idea doesn't mean everyone else is going to agree with them.
Confirmed- it's an update.  I've got a physical copy of the 4th printing open in front of me as well, and the single attack is not a unique error.
Maybe it was always supposed to be 7 but the printing prcess back then made the 7 into a 1?
I'm confused.... what's the verdict? should it be a 7 or a 1? This is kind of important to me as I'm planning on running an AD&D campaign in the near future.
It's 1 attack per round in all other versions. It's a Typo.
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