2012 D&D Championship - Trial By Shadow

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2012 D&D Championship
Trial By Shadow
by D&D R&D
The longest running D&D tournament in existence -- the D&D Championship -- returns again this year to Gen Con Indy on August 16-19! This year’s team competition sends the players spanning the breadth of Faerûn to foil the plot of one of Lolth’s followers -- the deadly archmage Nurymm Zek.

Epic tier awaits you, as you play a group of 22nd-level heroes bent on thwarting Zek’s scheme. Check out the characters to prepare for the event!

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My team and I are extremely excited to participate and dominate! SKULLSMASH DISPATCH!
Will the "Trial by Shadow" Adventure be released for those who couldn't make it to GenCon this year?
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