Carcass Crab for 4e?

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My campaign is getting crabs! Does anyone already have stats for a 4e Carcass crab?

If I have to make my own it is gonna be a solo encounter monster. The "mini" I have for it (a plushy crab toy) is about huge sized.  I am thinking it gets 2 claw attacks and if it hits with both it gets a rip attack too. The rip attack will probably give some ongoing damage, and some conditions. Also a maybe 2 square aura with some auto damage to repesent the spikes?

I also fancy a brood of minion baby crabs running around. Little guys that burrow into the ground and go from player to player doing small amounts of damage.

The players at about 17th level and I expect 6 players for this encounter.  If anyone had made their own I would love to see it. Also, any ideas or critisms?
Well since no one else chimed in I tried to make one on my own. Here's what I came up with. Think it's good?

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