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Hey there guys, I'm Ignarius, and I'm working on creating my first character for a DnD Encounter session next week. I was wondering if I could get some help with what I should do and how I should go about finishing out the character, goes what I have at this moment.

Name: Ignarius
Dragonborn Infernal Hexblade
Ht: 6'8"
Weight: 300 lbs
Str: 10 +2
Con: 16+4
Dex: 11
Int: 10
Wis: 8
Charisma: 18+5
HP: 28
10 Surges/ Surge Value 7
Speed: 5
History +2 Racial Bonus
Intimidate +2 Racial Bonus

Feat: Editting feat

Chainmail, Check -1, Spd -1, 40 Lbs. Cost 40 Gold
Adventurer's Kit, 33 lbs

Ignarius comes from the streets, his parents left him behind to die in the big city and he was left with an orphanage that barely took care of the normal children there. He grew up in a primarily humanistic area, Dragonborn were not known as a race in the city for the longest time, and such, he grew up thinking that his heritage was monsterous. the boy didn't know how to handle everything and as such he began to use his intimidating appearance to get what he wanted out of the world. (more coming soon...)
Hey! I'm only new to D&D aswell, but I think your heal surge value is a quarter of your HP. Also, your speed is in the player handbook, on the Dragonborn page.
Look forward to reading your character story, and enjoy your first encounter!! :D
Hi Ignarius, welcome to the game. Your certainly doing a heck of alot better than I did with my first character.

Make sure you differentiate that your ability score for strength is 12 with a plus one modifier to your stregth rolls, your score for charisma is 18 with +5 modifier to your charisma attacks and charisma based rolls, and you constitution is 16 and gives you a plus 3 to constitution based rolls.

As far as backstory goes... Perhaps your dragonborns pact with devil's seemed like a good idea at the time, but you knew that you would have to pay a price. Perhaps the devils you made the pact with took your debt in the way of your character's firstborn or peraps your mother's newest child (perhaps you were jealous of the new child and the devil took the child thinking it was helping you?). Either way your honor drove you to admit to the pact and the dishonor it brought led you to being exiled. Just thowing out some ideas.

 I hope you have a good first session Ignarius Smile

P.S. your speed is 5 (6 base for dragonborn-1 for your chainmail)

   Just a suggestion, but your choice of feats, Stormhawk's Vengeance, is basically a waste of time - Encounters is basically three fights a session, and the conditions under which it trigger aren't a good place to be especially in a public play environment where you can't be sure if there's going to be a leader character there that session to heal you when you drop to 0 hp... It may be something you want to consider later on if you keep playing the character, but you'd be better served taking an Expertise feat for your implement in order to improve your chances of hitting.


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