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I'm going to be playing in a group that is just starting up. The setting is Forgotten Realms. Our characters are starting at 14th level. I've been looking into the spellscarred characters and it sounds fun. I am aware that it is not the most powerful or optimized build but it sounds fun. As such, I was wondering for those who may have played a spellscarred character, what class/race combo does it fit with best to be the most fun to play/roleplay?
Do you like casters?  My current character is spellscarred, and he's a ton of fun to play.  He's a human magician who uses his spellscar to empower his otherwise weak spellcasting ability.  His signature spell is a flaming blue breath attack, and in fact all of his spells are clearly marked by the Spellplague.  Being physically unscarred by the plague and rather charismatic to boot, he's usually able to pass for "normal" until he starts casting.

Mechanically, he's a hybrid sorcerer/warlock.  I used dragonborn stats instead of human to take advantage of Ancient Soul and enable frequent casting of his signature spell via Plagued Breath and Nusemnee's Atonement.  Since Dragon Breath is a minor action, being able to use it often brings him back up to par damage-wise (normally striker|striker hybrids are a little lackluster).
If your DM allows themes in your campaign, I'd recommend looking at the Spellscarred Harbinger from the Neverwinter Campaign Guide. It is exactly what it sounds like, and would help reinforce the spellscar idea you have going for your character.
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