Blue/white control deck (Needs improvement)

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Hey guys.  I have created this deck and sideboard myself but I need help with sideboard and etc.
Here it is:
Input on what to add or take out would be appreciated. Thanks. 
If you ever flip delver with this build you'd be the luckiest man alive. Just dont play delvers.
I see your point.  If I replaced delvers then what should replace it?  Also I would like to play 1-2 gideons as well I just dont know how to fit them in without making the deck too slow.  Thanks.
You're playing too much standard here when most of it doesn't fit.  If your collection is all standard, I see your problem and can maybe help work around it but still.

DoJ should be Wrath of God.  There's no situation where DoJ is better for you.  Your creatures are kind of pathetic.  Titans aren't as good here, you have no good draw, you're playing the worst planeswalkers for your build.  Wall of Denial just isn't good enough, negate is too narrow for the format.  Assuming you don't want to spend a lot on a manabase, I can cut your deck down to what is good:

Wrath of God

maybe Baneslayer Angel

Mana Leak
Path to Exile

Oblivion Ring

Focus on quality spells that do the most.   You'll want card draw like Ponder, Think Twice, and Serum Visions.  Snapcaster Mage isn't considered a top two drop for nothing.  He'll help you out a ton.  I'll think about this a while and see what else I can come up with.  If you want to run the counter route, consider the hard counters that cover the most.  While not a hard counter, Remand cantrips itself and can help slow the game down to your pace.
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So when UR Delver came out to win a GP, did Christian Calcano email/call you and thank you personally, or was there just a mutual understanding?
Legitimately laughed at this...haha
No kidding. +1 internets for a hidden gem in the standard deck help.
Great advice guys.  The reason Wrath of God or Snapcaster Mages aren't in this deck because of the costs.  Getting 3-4 of each is quite costly.  I'm most likely adding gideon juras, and fog banks in replace of wall of denials.  I am also for sure adding think twice and possibly rune snag.  Thanks man.  I am for sure taking your advice.
I don't like Fog Bank. If you want walls Wall of Denial and Wall of Omens are much better.  The counterspells you need to have are:
remand/spell snare/cryptic command/deprive. Its sweet to deprive with snapcaster mage/vendillion clique/wall of omens in play.
Thanks for the advice.  The deck has been updated some but I am still trying to fit Remand in and stuff.  Idk how many of each cards to play though.  Thanks a lot!