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Hello all,
I'm going to be starting a campaign with my wife. She would like to play a Druid. I'm wondering what level is an appropriate level to begin at. Would 7th be to high? I want the game to be exciting even for a solo player. Of course, there will be a few situations where I will bring in NPC's to help her, but in general what level should I start her at so that she can be faced with fun and challenging encounters.

I was going to recomend 6 at minimum, so 7 shouldn't be bad. Get her summoning monsters, and don't neglect the animal companion. She will have a lot going on, and should be able to do a whole lot. 

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What level is "appropriate" all depends on what you have planned.  You could start her as a Druid 1 and then go up from there although you may not get a lot of help from the system which assumes a group of heroes.  If you start her at 4th-level you potentially could use adventures published for 1st-level groups although you need to note there could be a few hang ups there.  At 7th-level you could almost equate her to a 3rd/4th-level party although you still need to watch out for things built for one character type.

Other considerations include what her ability scores and wealth/equipment level are at.  If her starting stats equal something higher then what PB 30 could provide she's already more powerful then normal and if she has more equipment then expected that also gives her a power increase that is not reflected by her character level.  There is also the question about what makes a "fun and challenging" encounter because you should be able to do those for any level.
  I DM'd for my wife and developed a campaign built around her character and class. The character classes have strengths and weaknesses. Try to play to those strengths. Let her flex her muscles skills wise.

  She's a Druid.So, where does she live? What creatures live close? What is her alignment? Not all encounters have to be combat. Discovering a disease that is killing plantlife nearby means eventually, it will reach the grove sacred to her.

  Give her things to focus on at home. It will give her a chance to use her skills and understand all of the class traits before she branches out beyond the forest. By that time, she should have gained sufficient levels to handle tougher encounters.

  I tried to incorporate NPC's that supplemented the shortcomings of my wife's character. It feels a bit contrived, but what the hell, it's just the two of you. It should be for fun.

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