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Does the Rattling of  Flashy Riposte apply to the target's current attack?

Since it is a  reaction I would say no... but then what's the sense of the rattling keyword since it last until the end of your next turn, aside for using it on multi attack monsters or to debuff OA?

Reactions resolve after their triggers resolve, so no.

And yeah, the rattling part is pretty crap, but it is an immediate power so it has its uses.  There are a lot of things that key off the rattling keyword, though, so those make it not quite so bad.

Overall not my first pick for a power at that level, but then again L5 rogue powers all tend to suck, in my opinion.
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So as I guessed it is indeed used to gain combat advantage and to "apply" Rattling just for other effects... bleh too bad.

I even would say that RAI they indeed meant it as a reaction (hence a Riposte) and they tagged the Rattling on top of it just because it was in the Rattling book

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