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So I have been playing Dungeon Command and it is awesome.  Recently I have tried working with several deck concepts(as they are customizable) and have had much fun.

I have 3 decks and just came up with a 4th concept and wanted some opinions.  Each deck uses a different leader card appropriate for the theme.

Deck 1: Wizards(of the Coast?) - Using the Wizard Leader from Cormyr who lets you discard to draw
Making use of all the INT characters(4/ea. of War Wizard and Drow Wizard, and 2 Dragons) as well as 4 Dwarf Clerics(healing is good but the Order card Scheme is better xD)

With those 14 creatures you don't have any trouble with running out of them(unlike my friends weenie spam lists with 4/ea. of all the 1 drops)  And no shortage of INT to cast the blue Orders with.  So then the meat and potatoes: 4/ea. of every INT Order except Open Portal(too situational) which only gets 2.  Beyond that use 4 Recoil for defense(INT only has Shield so this helps) as well as 4 Into the Fray and 4 Heroic Surge for added mobility and possible damage(Heroic Surge gives you 2 Fireball's, 2 Blast of Forces, or 2 plain old 30dmg range 10 shots).  You want to take the middle and hold it as fast as possible then reinforce directly with portals if possible.

You have 2 Copper Dragons of course and so do not neglect them - 2 Killing Blow cards is always a solid include and will not fill your hand with useless STR Orders while your using mostly only INT heroes.  Even the Dwarves can get in on the KB action if needed(rarely but it happens)


Deck 2: Lolth's Blessed - Aliszandra, because move 9 spiders and move 12 Driders is broken

4/ea. Drow Priestess, Demonweb Spider, Giant Spider, Drider.

Mobility is key here.  Stalk, Secret Passage, Spring Attack and Shadowy Ambush are all must haves.  Sneak Attack - 4!!(maybe 3 but everything is DEX so why not 4?)  4 Drow Priestess' so why not 4 Scheme and 4 Lolth's Blessing's for more acceleration.  Parry for even more draw potential. 

DEX means lots of dodge skills - Uncanny Dodge, Close Call, Near Miss, stack them all.  Also make use of Web(a must) and possibly Faerie Fire(i don't but you may want it).  Piercing Strike is a must as is Deep Wound for dealing with those hard to kill foes.

The idea is to swarm out and claim as many treasures as possible early game so your opponent cannot.  Ideally a Drow Priestess and 2 spiders on turn 1 is the best bet.  If not, a Drider and 1-2 spiders is second best.  You want to be looting 3 chests a turn and with all your mobility thats not an issue.  Losing cheap spiders deals you 1 and the sacrifice was well worth it to stop your opponents morale gain.

-Running out of time at work so i will continue the other 2 decks later

So finally back at it with more time now that works over.

Deck 3: Adventurers - the melee centric commanders from either Cormyr or Drow pack work, Drow is less advantage if you dont get the drow on the board early since this list only runs 4.. maybe 6 drow, meaning the guy from Cormyr is usually a better bet for the extra moving.

Core Creatures are the 3 decent DEX adventurers - 2 of which are also strength which gives this deck a more versatile card pool.  Drow Blademaster, Human Ranger, Half-Orc Thug all 4/ea.  Since they are higher cost their support will be either 2 Drow Clerics for card draw(using Drow Commander) or 2 Dwarf Clerics(for the Cormyr one - this usually helps more with the healing and STR bonus)  Big creatures are less a must and more a target to distract from the lesser ones, so Umber Hulk(STR+DEX on a lv 5 - BEASTLY), Earth Guardian(No DEX hurts a lil), and Shadow Mastiff(I want STR for Killing Blow but teleport on deploy rox) are the best bets for their mobility and higher HP.

First 2-Card-Combo I ever found:  Behind Enemy Lines + Stealth
>>> This works as follows, Behind Enemy Lines deploys your creatures in your opponents start zone and then rewards you with 4 Morale!!! if you get them into your start zone.  2 catches here are Adventurer Only(no problems here) and you have to walk through your opponents defenses to get home.  Stealth overcomes the second issue by letting you move into total concealment and then standard action being removed from play.  The down side is you lose 2-3 leadership for a turn as that model counts as being deployed even though its not on the board, the up side however is you gain 4 Morale and can use the creature next turn.  So to recap - Forfeit an entire turn of making use of a level 2-3 creature to gain 4 morale... YES PLEASE!!  Add to this the Drow Commander not gaining morale to draw cards and he breaks even, or the Cormyr Commanders mobility to get the further treasures sooner... You effectively are stealing morale from your opponent for the risk of a level 2-3 creature.  In this game every loot you take is one they don't and card draws on the Drow Commander are just brutally broken if you can get 2-3 a turn.

Anyways the rest of the deck is bread and butter of a DEX heavy deck with a pair of Killing Blows mixed in.  You will also want to take push cards for your STR characters to slide opponents models around(hopefully through hazardous terrain).  Special Mention to Quick Jab and Quick Shot which will pummel your opponents, as well as Killing Blow and Sneak Attack(2/ea sounds good)  You may even want to add some Drow Wizards to make Quick Shot more viable, and you could add that level 2 INT order that draws you cards while the wizard is in a magic circle but thats more circumstantial.


Deck 4:  Burrownomicon - Untested but I would use the Wizard Commander from Cormyr

Creatures 4/ea of Umber Hulk and Earth Guardian for the Burrow - HIGH cost means fewer starting minis but the Burrow and multitude of slide effects is what we pay for here.  Support them with Dwarf Defenders, Dwarf Clerics, and 1 point models like Demonweb Spiders and Elf Archers who have move 7 and are dirt cheap.  I wouldn't go beyond 3/ea on the dwarfs but consider 4 Archers for the range 10 attacks.

Orders consist of anything and everything that manipulates board position.  Any cards that use Slide are automatic 4 in, Spring Attack is a 2-4 depending on how you feel as the Umber Hulks are the only ones who will be using it.. scary thought there.  4 Killing Blows and 2-4 Sneak Attacks seems obsurd I know but with this list your highly mobile and you lack swarming damage except spider and elf hits for 10.  Higher level orders are more viable since your running bulk level 4 and 5 so you gain full range of the damage prevention cards from both decks and you should ALWAYS run 4 peircing strikes to finish off hard targets(level 1 Elf Archer just killed your Copper Dragon? Sorry!)

Those were the decks.  Hope the community starts supporting this game and sends some feedback on my ideas.  I am always looking for new creative combinations or for someone to contradict me and point out my flaws, Improvement stems from acceptance afterall.

Until next time, enjoy Dungeon Command and

Happy Gaming Guys!!

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