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Continuing from my older threads on my campaign, my story has evolved quite a bit once again. luckily i am still 6 months to a year out from running it. I have an idea of what i want to do but i'm having a hard time wrapping my head around it. I'm not sure if i'm trying to do too much or adding too much filler so much will probably be dropped. Please give me suggestions or ideas on where my story can progress.

I am inspired by Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones, War of the Burning Sky, and Zeitgeist (somewhat.)

I have three main metaplots which i have been playing around with in my mind. maybe one of you can help me organize this mess thats going on in my brain.

Plot #1, Main Story: the Nobility (9 families to be exact) of the Kingdom of Turath are making pacts with devils to secure their rule over the kingdom, they begin overthrowing other nobles within their own kingdom resulting in civil war eventually taking over it entirely. This does not satisfy them as they begin to attack neighboring kingdoms. this could result in a world war (well a few surrounding kingdoms). Think Lord of the rings where elves, dwarves, and men ally against this massive empire led by a devil and tiefling. How should i bring all the others into this? why would the elves and dwarves ally with the humans?

Plot #2, Something I really like: One Empire away from Turath, Valland run by a Lich who disguises himself as a paladin king (soul gem, stolen body, dont need to go into too much detail) is looking for a particular artifact called the black altar. This black altar has the power to mass raise undead. He is "allying" with turath and agrees to help train their armies. once he finds this black altar (i really have no idea where it will be -__-) he will start turning his trained soldiers into undead and attacking his ally from behind. This plot needs work, but i really like it and hope it can be cleaned up. The lich will probably be a mid boss.

Plot #3, taken from Burning Sky: I loved the idea of the inquisitors attacking all magic users. They will deifnately be going after anything "unnatural" in their opinion, making a pact with a devil is unnatural and will be enemies of Turath. but they will also be hunting and attacking all magic users in what is called the purge. How can i tie this in with the first plot? maybe they could just be one of the noble families and not be enemies of turath.

is this too much? how can i get this to work, i would like to make this into a really epic campaign that taked place from level 1 - 20, probably playing for at least 2 years. i've been writing it for quite a while now, my notebook filled with NPC's that i was inspired to create. i just would like to see where this could go. Please, any input would be greatly appretiated!


Hope you're still checking this.

  You could tie plot #1 and plot#3 together by making the inquisitors pawns in a bakplot by the nobles. The lords would use them(the inquisitors) to eliminate magic users so as not to pose a threat to their rule.

  They also use the inquisitors to find the identity of a powerful necromancer rumored to be in a neaarby land(plot # 2). Devils would be infernal beings who serve a deity and therefoere divine. This will be the justification used.

  Also, don't discount betrayals and intrigues within the ranks. Think of the the inquisitors like the gestapo. They question everyones loyalty,even their own people. Maybe a few standout NPCs have ulterior motives and devils exploit men's desire for power.

   I'd say start with the first plot line, establish the overthrow,and see where people's loyalties lie.Think Nazi Germany during their rise to power or Palpatine's manipulation of the senate inStar Wars. This could be a slow burn,give things time to simmer.Get some mileage from your plotlines.

   You have a great story, the plotlines sound like they could all work together and give the overall some depth as well as a variety of options for the party. 

  Good luck. I will definitely check back to see how this goes.
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