can immediates be used during the refresh phase?

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at the beginning of a player's turn, he has to resolve ongoing damage. can you use an immediate Order card to mitigate this damage? if so, he becomes tapped, so does he then immediately become untapped at the beginning of the activation phase? thanks

edit: forgot to put the game in the title, this is for Dungeon Command
You could respond to the ongoing effect after untapping by tapping to play an immediate. You would not, however, untap a second time during the refresh phase unless the immediate played allowed you to do so.
Not sure I understand the order of actions from your description.

At the end of my turn, Dragon Knight (and the rest of my army) becomes untapped.

My enemy takes his turn.  One of his orders is to place an ongoing damage card onto my Dragon Knight.  My enemy's turn is over.

The rules state that the very first thing I do when I start my turn (ie - Refresh phase) is to resolve ongoing damage.  The card placed on my Dragon Knight would cause 10 damage during this first phase.  Instead of taking damage, can I use an Immediate Order Card to avoid taking this damage?  Keep in mind, this is immediately prior to my activation phase.

If I can do this, I assume the Dragon Knight becomes tapped.  One of the steps at the beginning of the next phase (Activation phase) is to untap all creatures. Does he become untapped?  Assuming I can do the Immediate card in the first place?

I hope that is more clear. 

As I read the rules and card, looks like you're correct. The dragon Knight could reduce the damage from the deep wound & then become untapped.

However, It's really contra-intuitive to reduce damage from a deep wound by some atheletic dodge. And much too late to do a shield block.
So I'm hoping the official answer says that the immediate card can't be played in the first place...?
The immediate that I would expect to work:- Is a Dwarf cleric removing the attached deep-wound card.
Assuming your Dragon Knight with Deep Wound attached is untapped at the beginning of the Refresh Phase, it seems like this should work. The rulebook does clearly specify that the steps of the Refresh phase are to be followed in order.
my friend and I agreed that it doesn't make sense to be able to dodge or block an ongoing bleeding wound. but a cleric could do some quick healing just prior to the refresh phase
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