DM + Solo Player Adventure Recommendations? (3.5e)

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Any reccomendations for a published 3.5e adventure for a single player? He's a Lvl 3 Cleric but he's willing to re-roll a character if there's a solid adventure pre-made. I'm thinking of tacking on an NPC fighter to help him out, but just need a story.

(This is a re-posted thread from Previous Editions: Nobody had any suggestions there.)
Currently DMing a 3.5e AoW game one night a week. Players are almost through Three Faces of Evil. If you are considering beginning this campaign using this edition, I can help.
Use Exemplars of Evil

Lots of premade villains and minons there and easy for you to generate scenarios using the same stat blocs.

Also consider having the player get an improved cohort (one level below the PC) immediately or play as a gestalt character (or both).  That will help with encounter balancing.