Dungeon Command: Two Sets, Four Players

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Just like the title says! Over the weekend, four of us played a multiplayer Dungeon Command game using only two sets (via the two-players-with-one-set rules found in the rulebook). It was... kinda wacky, but it worked. 

At first we thought it was all going to be about taking out creatures, and that Morale wouldn't mean much. With double the players going after the same amount of treasure, no one's Morale increased all that significantly. Early on, initial instincts were to Cower and protect creatures as much as possible, but that left two of us at 1 or 2 Morale while the others had nearly their full complement. 

At only six creatures each, we pretty much all had our whole Creature deck in our hands by turn 3 or 4. One guy managed to go through his whole Order deck, too, thanks to Lolth's Blessing.

We played faction vs. faction, and while the game should've ended as soon as one of us hit zero Morale, we didn't play it that way for whatever reason. Of course, once one drow player went down, it was only a matter of time until the other one did too. Next time I'd play it differently.

Anyway. It was fun, but played quite a bit differently than a two-player game. If anyone has any similar experiences, feel free to share 'em. 
I wonder if playing two against two leads to the Heart of Cormyr being a better faction pack.  After all, a player with lots of moral can use some of his strength order cards to protect his team mate who is almost out of moral. 
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