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Ok  I have a player who wants to be a shadar Kai monk.  This is fine with me, but when we go to the character builder and start to give the characters feats etc the stats don't seem right...as a monk he gets unarmed combatant. This gives him +3 to attack and 1d8 damage. He then picked improved monk unarmed strike  this increases his 1d8 to 1d10.  Yet on his character sheet under  melee attacks unarmed it is the regular 1d4 with no bonus to hit ?   Am I doing something wrong or what?
Hard to say what's going on there. You migh try the D&D Insider forum, online character builder issues will probably get more attention there. If that fails, you might try using the Customer Help system.
In the character builder, try equipping unarmed strike in your inventory section. If that doesn't work, make sure your looking at your monk powers and the damage on the top of the power cards. I'm pretty sure the default setting for the unarmed strike damage on the front of the character sheet is 1d4. Howver, it should be 1d10 in your player's case.
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