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Hello, my friend that I started D&D with is far away now. So for fun I posted on his facebook wall some


Lol, it's turning into a game. I do bend the rules a lot and go out of my way to give each player what

they want to make sure they are having fun. ( I was told numerous times that I was sadistic, especially

by my wife. So me trying really nice to keep the players happy seems to balance my DMing out. ) 

Only thing is... I never really played with anyone else... but my friend on facebook and some Marine

buddies where I am stationed.  So I usually wonder, am I even doing this right? As long as we're

having fun is it ok?  I have replaced people's actual names with Mr. A-Z. Random people that never played d&d are commenting during the conversation.            

Here's the posts...

                                                   DM posts this on Mr. H's wall.
You step into a massive chamber, the walls of which are packed solid with doors - more doors than you 

can count! Opening one experimentally, you find that it leads nowhere except to an identical door on the

opposite side of the room. As you approach the door on the opposite side of the room you are startled

by a voice. "I'd be careful about opening them doors." You turn around to face a hooded figure. What

would you like to do?


Mr. H: detect evil.
 You sense no evil from the hooded figure. However, you sense evil has been done behind the door you were facing. ( zomg, you made me laugh with the detect evil. )

Mr. H: Try to go back through the original door I came through.

DM: You pass the hooded figure and try to open the door. The door seems to be locked. The hooded figure smiles and winks at you.

Mr.H: ask hooded figure, "what is this place?"

DM: ‎"One door leads to riches, another to meet new and interesting people, and some doors may even lead you to your death. Such is life."

‎Mr. H: "Umm... Thats not what i asked."

‎DM: "This place is your life."

Mr. D:
everything is right about this analogy except that all doors lead to death and life is that room with many doors

DM: The hooded figure smiles at Mr. H. "So you have the ability to summon... Eh.. Creatures." The hooded figure responds to Mr. D's statement. "You speak as if you do not believe the rumors of this place, yet you come to challenge the doors. If it is not for the prize of eternal youth, what do you seek at the risk of your life?"

Mr. R:

Mr. D: ‎"i seek to be happy, but i find that every door i go through, i find hope of happiness, hope that there is that door that will bring me happiness, but then i find that door, i find that it's not it, then i go on a search again to find that other door"

Mr. D: "with all hopelessness, i begin to wonder, why is this room set up this way?  and why am i here?"

DM: The hooded figure stares at Mr. H and Mr. R in astonishment. "It seems our summoner has no

control over his powers! He has summoned another curious creature. What is this inception you speak

of?" The hooded figure spins around and sits by... Mr. D's feet. "I did not design these doors but I can

share my experiences with them. It seems the doors are to some a form of entertainment while to

others it is just a series of impossible challenges. They all do have one thing in common, the doors

seem to test the adventurer to see if they are worthy of it's prize." "As to why you are here... I am the

one who asked you first. Since you do not believe the doors can offer you eternal youth maybe you

came just to test yourself and claim what ever treasure it has."

Mr. H : ‎"It is but a glimpse into the depths of my power. I did not come this far just to cower in the face of uncertainty. Point me in the direction of glory, old man, and you shall witness the start of a legend."

Mr. B:
I would just like to say this AWESOME... lol

Mr. D:  ‎"what is the prize hooded figure?"

 ‎"Rumor has it that a flower when ingested will give the consumer eternal youth." "To many, this is the ultimate prize." The hooded figure motivated by Mr. H's bravery stands up. "I can sense you have great potential, we must part ways for, there are too many in the room and the floor may give in." The hooded figure bows to Mr. B welcoming him. "I am sure we will meet again. For now I leave you with this, check all doors and check all things that may tempt you." The hooded figure opens the door (evil) and jumps across something, vanishing out of sight.

Mr. D : shouts to hooded figure, "how about if i don't want eternal youth?! because I don't want to eternally spend my days opening doors to find nothing meaningful.  tell me that that isn't the only prize.  do not forsake me, sacred hooded figure"

DM: As you are shouting at the hooded figure you notice a strange object on the floor.

Mr. H : detect evil!

DM: You sense nothing evil from the object.

Mr. H : exam object.

Mr. D : ‎"what is this...  was this always here?"

DM: Mr. H  exams the object.

nescapable Weapon (Level 3) "This weapon grows increasingly eager to strike those you have

trouble hitting." Level 3 = +1 ... Price : 680gp Weapon Type : Kukri Prof. : +2   Damage : d4  

Properties : Brutal 1, off-hand Enhancement : Attack rolls and damage rolls Critical : +1d6 damage per

plus Property : Each time you miss a target with this weapon, you gain a cumulative +1 bonus (up to

the weapon's enhancment bonus) to your next attack roll with this weapon against the same target. The

bonus ends if you attack a different target or when you hit.

 DM : What would you like to do now?


DM : As you pick up the sword... you hear a choir of angels singing as the light around your sword shines... you look around to see if anyone notices but then realize your excitement is causing you to see illusions.

Mr. H : I ignore the illusions and proceed to walk to the aforementioned door.

DM: Roll to make a perception check.

Mr. H : ‎(Roll for me)

DM : ‎(Will do. Do you have a character sheet? Just wondering if you have any +Perception)

: rolling 1d20 (10) = 10

DM: You notice the door you were apporaching has some kind of trap mechanism.

Mr. H :  Exam trap.

Mr. D :
hahahahaha okay this is too much for me hahahaha if there were anyone that would be doing

this, it would be Mr. H and the DM.

‎Mr. H : "Depart, dear friend. You've served us honorably. Risk your life no more in my own selfish quest for personal glory."

This is actually pretty good.
And the #1 item for the morally bankrupt... Why settle for a statue of a nude elf in your bedroom when you have a real, live nude elf, petrified and unpetrified on your command. She wears a tiara, when you utter a command word, she will be petrified, unpetrified, or disciplined. Any attempts by her to remove the tiara will be futile. Use her only as a statue, or to entertain any debauched desires you may have. 125,000 GP.
Not sure whether it was your intention, but there are links to people's facebook profiles in there - might not be as anonymous as you thought...
Thank you.
This is the sort of stuff I absolutely love about DnD. Interesting settings provided by the DM, players who delight in a single facet of their character (DETECT EVIL!!!!!), and a DM's liberal interpretation of player comments which aren't always intended for their characters.

This is how the magic happens, and I hope you get to enjoy it often.

Mr. H: detect evil.

Are you sure you're playing 4e?  That doesn't exist anymore.
Another day, another three or four entries to my Ignore List.
Thank you for letting me know this. What is the 4e equivalent of this. When my friend said that I took it as a "yea sure man I'll rp this out with u" so I just took it as him checking alignment, any evil motives, etc.

I had no intention of that npc being evil or hiding its alignment from the player so I told my friend he is not to save time and shift his focus else where ( the room )

So I'm wondering is it wrong of me to do this in 4e?

If ne thing is a gray area I just roll for it, I do my best not to say no, maybe make rolls near impossible but I try to let them do what they want. 
There is no 4e equivalent.  Alignment no longer has mechanical effects.  No alignment-detection, no alignment-restriction, no 'this effect works better against targets of whatever alignment'.
Another day, another three or four entries to my Ignore List.
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