DoTP Good & Bad Players Thread.

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Post the good players you run across and the bad players you run across online. Keep one post only and just update it. This could help players ADD or AVOID players. Please keep this thread for  posting your Good & Bad Players only. A short description of what the bad players did to make you want to avoid them so we have a little information as why you have them on your list. 

Bad: WinterFrost - Talked a lot of crap online while playing. Very rude person.
Good: Deep Blue 
Bad: Obedient Dead players. Phyrexian Obliterator is OP!
Bad: People who pick a deck strong against the deck I pick
Good:  No one.  This is the internet, we have a complain-only policy
Thanks guys for ruining the thread already with useless post. And I can not ever see anyone elses deck when I play. And who cares what people use. Everyone has the right to play with whatever they want. So delete your post and contribute or post elsewhere. At least have some respect.
This thread was a terrible idea to begin with.

At least have some respect.

In a thread made to insult people?
Close your eyes. Fly away. In the land where dreams, all are true. IMAGE(
Theres probably a clause in the site terms and conditions that prevent the naming and shaming of players.

But, while I'm here...

A significant chunk of the Steam top 100 are force dropping there opponents and recording the win during pauses.

Name: Drithric
Steam Rank: 28th

I've ran into this guy twice now. Crushed him both times, but each time hes paused the game before his defeat and sent me a message saying I'm going to get get dropped now, then he pauses and does it. The reason I bring him up is actually not because hes cheating, lots of the high ranked steam players are undoutably, it's because he actually was terrible. The amount of times he walked into Guardian pledges or raise the alarms was amusing.  

This thread was a terrible idea to begin with.
At least have some respect.

In a thread made to insult people?

It is not made to insult people, its for helping other players find good players and avoid the bad ones. How simple do I haft to make it for you. Should I draw you a picture? I never understand why people gotta ruin stuff. Must not have much of a life!
Due to complaints received about this thread, I've closed it. The thread will be reviewed to determine if it should be permanently closed, re-opened, and/or a new thread or threads created in its place.