Paragon plotline involving giants (Elements of Revenge of the Giants and Against the Giants)

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Hi guys, to begin with : I want to do a plotline in Athas involving giants : probably not beast giants but giants like hill, fire, stone and maybe frost giants.

I want to use elements of Revenge of the Giants (resurrection of the primordial Piranoth) and the adventures that Chris Perkins remade recently :
- Steading of the hill giant, Warrens of the Stone Giant Thane, Glacial Rift of the Frost Giant Jarl and Hall of the Fire Giant King.

To introduce you to my campaign :

- It's been 50 years that Kalak died, the events of the Prism Pentad took place, Daskinor Goblin Death is dead too, Dregoth tried to destroy Raam but the other team of adventurers, with the help of Nibenay and the Oba managed to imprison him in the obsidian plain. There's only 2 real Sorcerer's king left, and Hamanu is kind of there and not (it's more the spirit of Urik like in the Lynn Abbey book : Rise and fall of Dragon King).

I already begin to introduce primordial cultists in my campaign, primary the Broken Builders : Imix, Ogremoch, Herumar the Sand Hydra and Ul-Athra.

One of my character is a Elemental pact warlock of Ul-Athra and in the end of the campaign, my players are gonna fight The Mouths of Thirst in a titanic battle.

Sooooooo, I'm thinking about to set these giants strongholds somewhere in Athas : Hill and Stone giants somewhere in a mountain, planning some attacks against villages and cities. The Fire Giant stronghold is of course in the Smoking Crown. I have a problem with the Frost Giants in Athas (duh !), I don't really know if I SHOULD include them in my plotline and if yes, where ? Winter's Nest in the white moutains near the Aarakocras ?

I'm thinking maybe about a world-wide coordinated attack of many giants tribes and the adventurers must kill/disrupt the armies to not let the civilisation fall at the hands on giants backed by elemental powers.

I hope you can help me guys, just tell me what you think !

Could you eliminate  the frost giants, use shadow giants ( which might not be elemental now that I think of it...) or re- skin those frost giants as 'sand' giants, put them in a deep desert stronghold with accompanying minions n beasts?  I have not read anything but the 1E Against the Giants series, which I played over  20 years ago, but I like the primordial connection rather than drow/ elder elemental eye (Tharizdun) plot line.
Yes, the catch was that the pcs need some kind of clue that leads them on, rather than simply reacting, so they can feel like they are stopping the Giants, and discovering wider intentions.