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Hey thank you for trying to help.

I've spent a while looking on line and you are my only hope. My problem is this: I'm looking at a Premade campagin setting called Loona, Port of Intregue. It's Wizard content and part of the Kingdoms of Kalamar world.

It focuses on a city, the port, and there is an included map this map has several key location fully labeled, like specific inns and shops. However there is a multitue of buildings labeled with letter code. Such as V, FM, CU, CB, W, TL, BK, WI, WA, RP, MD. Now V I can just guess as vacant., and MD seems pretty easy too. But I can't find a legend or Key for these terms in the book or the PDF. I am thinking its universal but I can't for the life of me find a guide for this.

Sorry if repost, I tried looking, thank you.
The errata for that map is available on the Kenzer & Company, Kingdoms of KalamarĀ errata boards. I'd repost it for you, but there are a lot of codes, so here's the link.
:D Thank you. I don't know how you ever found this is the first place. You saved my game.

Also, is this sort of standard? Or is it different depending on who maps it?
Legends depend on the cartographer, but unless they are very obvious it should be included.
I guess that's why the lack of them is erratad in this case.
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