Resistance Piercing

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My level 14 party is about to launch an assault on Megatron who has a lot of resistances. We've never faced him in direct combat, but we know he's super powerful, and the longer we wait, the more powerful his forces grow (the master artificer megatron builds them himself).
We got a 100,000+ gp to blow, and we know he has a lot of resistances. He's a fire-based creature so he has an innate fire immunity, and an innate cold vulnerabilities. He's smart, and uses magic to compensate for his weakness by giving himself some kind of magical 3.5e type of perma-cold resist. He also uses magic to give himself a lot of resistance against physical damage and basically everything.
Are there any items that ignore or reduce resistances? Gloves of Piercing only ignore it up to 10.

Party composition, if anybody's curious:
Changeling homebrew gun slinger, based on the iron kingdoms (from Bodged Together, before it got removed from the internet)
Elf Avenger
Eladrin Hybrid Ranger-Swordmage
Elf Ranger
Goliath Shaman
Changeling Assassin
Warforged Fighter
Half-Elf Gunmage, also from the Iron Kingdoms (Bodged Together)

TL;DR Are there higher level gloves of piercing?