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Way too many lands.  Goblin Piker kinda sucks.  I think you should up the Krenko's Command and Goblin Grenade up to 4.  Balloon Brigade is probably also replaceable by something better.  You're also going to need some burn for removal and quicker damage and maybe some hand replacement.
Needs more Boggart Shenanigans and Furnace Celebration with an Arms Dealer or Siege-Gang Commander.  Also, you can autocard (like I just did) by putting [c.][/c.] without the . around the card name.
traitorous blood + krenko + chieftan can be lots of fun
goblin grenade is also a good addition to quickly get rid of any threats
hellrider deals a lot of dmg when u get ur krenko's going
reverberate goes well with the goblin grenade and quickly deals with oponents.
I think i'll get the Boggart Shenanigans as its a major goblin card

But the ones Larkhill posted i'll steer away from. They just don't seem very Gobliny to me....

Except the grenade, but i have 3 of those already :P    
Boggart Shenanigans combos nicely with Goblin Warrens, Goblin Chirurgeon, Siege-gang Commander, Arms Dealer, and Goblin Grenade, among other goblin sacrifice that I haven't listed, as it allows you to turn goblin sacrifices into a goblin-based burn.  Also, not really a goblin itself, Chancellor of the Forge can be quite nice for getting more of those tokens you desire on the field, especially if you've already got quite a few creatures out.  Other than that, maybe look into some Goblin Sky Raiders to help defense against fliers.
mudbutton torchrunner is a good goblin and I would drop at least 1 of the mob bosses, and add some direct damage ,and more grenades, drop the lands down to 22-23, haunted fengraf works really well with sacrifice or to return creatures that have been killed.
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